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The next major Update will contain a Warframe that is built in an entirely new way - through the Clan Dojo!

Tenno Research Lab, a new addition to the Dojo, will serve as the creation place for a new Warframe. As we approach Update day, you will want to plan resource collection and management accordingly if you are interested in building the Tenno Research Lab and the new Warframe.

Costs for the Lab will scale based on your Clan Tier. You will need an Oracle Lab as it is a prerequisite building, and as with any Dojo Components, room and energy to build will be required.

Oxium will be a key resource needed to create the new Warframe, so stock up now! This new resource can be found by hunting for the Oxium Osprey in any Corpus level and by looting select Corpus containers.

Get ready! It won't be long until you can start creating these exciting new additions.